West Wind Toolkit: Developer Utilities for ASP.NET and .NET (Single Developer)

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The West Wind Toolkit provides a host of essential utility functionality for your .NET applications. From a base set of utitlities to perform common .NET operations like Configuration Management, Logging, and a tiny, low level Data Access Layer to a set of utility classes to perform general purpose tasks like extended string manipulation, common Reflection tasks, simple Serialization, Encryption and many more tasks.

The toolkit also contains a set of Web utilities for managing Urls in Web application, handling script, css loading. Specialized WebForms, MVC and WebAPI modules provide custom controls/components to handle common UI task for Web apps, and filters, behaviors and handlers for MVC and WebAPI applications.

There is also a Westwind.Data component that provides a very easy to use and light weight Entity Framework Code First business object layer that greatly simplifies working EF Code First and provides a consistent base layer to organize business logic effectively in your applications.

The toolkit comes with all source code to all components as well as many examples both fundamental to demonstrate features simply, as well as more involved applet examples that demonstrate the functionality in slightly more complex and realistic scenarios. A large help file is provided for detailed documentation of component functionality as well as a full class reference for all classes provided.


This Single Developer License commercially licenses the Web Toolkit to a single developer, with unlimited runtime and server distribution rights. An organizational license is also available. This product is fully supported and there is free online support on our message board for all customers. Updates to same major version releases are free.

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