West Wind Web Store .Net Basic

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West Wind Web Store .Net is a full featured e-Commerce application for ASP.Net. This is the version of the store that you currently see running on this Web site. This version ships without source code for the framework. It only ships with code for the HTML templates and the Web Store business object implementation. This license also restricts use of any of the compiled classes for use with the Web Store only - non of the framework components may be used in other projects.

The Web store implements the order processing mechanics of displaying item categories and allows several options for purchasing items and adding them to the shopping cart. A flexible customer management object keeps track of customers and allows sophisticated professional profile management to allow repeat customers to reattach to their customer information. Order processing can use SSL processing (requires a separate SSL certificate on your Web Server) and can integrate with Credit Card Processing services. CC Processing can be performed live during the order process or offline via the admin interface. Orders placed are emailed to recipients and optionally email back to you for immediate notification.

The store features a Wizard like set up module that allows you to install and get a generic store up and running in minutes. Just configure the database, add item categories and finally add items. All steps can be performed online. Customization of the store's visual design can be easily managed through modifying the Cascading Style Sheet template which controls all visual aspects of the store. Physical page layout can be modified easily in the ASP.NET HTML pages.

For developers the store is built on business object technology which is extensible in a variety of ways. Most common modification modules - such as shipping and tax rate calculators are hookable and can be easily overridden to provide your own shipping or tax rate calculation logic. All other code is also available and provided through easily modifiable business object methods.

This store application serves as a great example of a complete .Net business application along with a lightweight business object and control framework that greatly reduces the amount of code written in the ASP.Net front end code.

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