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Markdown Monster 3.x

Markdown Monster wants to eat your Markdown

Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool for Windows. It supports syntax highlighted Markdown editing, live HTML Preview, inline-spellchecking, many image embedding and pasting options and gentle, optional toolbar support for embedding links, images, tables and screen captures for a user friendly intuitive editing workflow. There's built-in file browsing and Git support. You can easily publish your work to any Wordpress or MetaWeblog API compatible Weblog and manage your blog and posts from Markdown Monster. Markdown Monster is also extensible via built in text expansions, C# scripting and a powerful .NET Addin model that allows you to add custom functionality to Markdown Monster.
West Wind WebSurge 3.0 Professional

West Wind Web Surge Rest Client and Http Load Tester

West Wind WebSurge is an Http Request and Load Testing tool for Windows that makes it easy to create or capture and then play back Http requests. You can run individual requests for interactive REST style request testing, or use a session of requests to immediately run a load test under configured load against your server. WebSurge is highly interactive and makes quick to create requests, easily see the entire request and response content, and because it uses plain text files, makes it easy to share sessions HTTP trace files, or our new online session sharing tooling.
West Wind Web Connection 8

West Wind Web Connection 8.0 is here!

Version 8.0 of Web Connection for Visual FoxPro brings many improvements and a number of new features including more performant server activation and deactivation especially for busy, high load sites, simplified, single page Web Connection server administration, many small usability updatesfor launching your projects in development mode and for publishing sites. There's also new integrated base authentication support for REST services, a refactored set of FTP, FTPS and SFTP classes using a single common API, and many improvements to existing core framework library classes.
West Wind Html Help Builder 5.0

West Wind Html Help Builder 5.0

Build documentation for applications, developer tools, online knowledgebases and references using this powerful documentation creation tool. Version 5.0 is a complete overhaul of the product with a brand new customizable editor using the popular Markdown format and new modern, mobile friendly templates for a great looking HTML site from your documentation. Use the live preview to let you see your content rendered as you type. New HTML templates handle all the main layout tasks so you can focus on your content and templates are mobile enabled using a new modern UI with several themes. Geneate output to a Web ready static Web site using Html, CHM Help files or Word and PDF documents.
West Wind Internet & Client Tools 8.0

West Wind Internet and Client Tools

Want to integrate Internet technology into your Desktop FoxPro applications? And take advantage of some easy to use and powerful client side classes? Then look no further than the West Wind Internet & Client tools. This package includes support for a number of important Internet protocols including SMTP and POP3 for email, HTTP for Web access, FTP for file transfers, as well as low level TCP/IP access. In addition this toolset provides Web based data access classes for client and servers to make it easy to get at remote data. Addiontal Utility classes include providing object based data access to SQL Server and Web Data, a light-weight distributed and Web centric Business Object framework, basic graphing for both desktop and Web applications, several configuration management classes and a rich library of utility functions useful in everyday Visual FoxPro development. Upgrades from the West Wind Internet Protocols are also available.
Anti-Trust Guilty Album CD

Anti-Trust - Guilty CD

Limited and hand numbered run of CDs of the Anti-Trust 'Guilty' Album with 14 songs that are a mix of old school hardcore with NWOBHM roots, kicked out in good old garage style. Garage recorded by ex-Attitude Adjustment member, Rick Strahl with cameos of fellow member Chris Kontos plus a bonus appearance by Andy 'Airborne' Andersen, this album features crunchy rythms and catchy choruses with high intensity, in-your-face harmony driven punk rock that brings back memories of the mid-80's punk and cross over scene.
Anti-Trust Guilty Album Download

Anti-Trust - Guilty MP3 Album Download

Anti-Trust - Guilty album MP3 download. This album is a mix of old school hardcore with NWOBHM roots, kicked out in good old garage style. Garage recorded by ex-Attitude Adjustment members Rick Strahl and Chris Kontos this EP features crunchy rythms and catchy choruses with high intensity, in-your-face harmony driven punk rock that brings back memories of the mid-80's punk and cross over scene.
West Wind Web Monitor 3.0 Service Version

West Wind Web Monitor

Ensure that your Web sites are alive and well and get notified if they're not. Web Monitor is a powerful and easy to set up tool that lets you monitor your Web sites by monitoring URLs and the result output. If the check fails, you can choose to get notified or take action in the form a program to run or URL to hit in response. You can run Web Monitor as a desktop app or Windows service and can monitor an unlimited number of sites. It's a cheap and easy solution for peace of mind.
User Security Manager for Web Connection

User Security Manager for Web Connection

Need to add user management to your Web Connection applications? Web Connection provides only rudimentary authentication features out of the box - this addin application provides enhanced login support, user profile management, new account validation, password recovery, a user menu widget and an admin user management viewer all via an easy to add process class that can be dropped into an existing Web Connection application.
West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator for Visual FoxPro

West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator for FoxPro

We've just introduced a new tool that facilitates calling Web Services from Visual FoxPro by utilizing .NET as the proxy technology to access Web Services. .NET provides robust Web Service client services and this new tool makes it easy to leverage this technology in a mostly automated fashion. This tool creates a .NET Web Service proxy assembly and a FoxPro class that calls this .NET component without requiring COM registration and provides the tools to let you discover the functionality of the Web service and use the Web service and its message classes directly from Visual FoxPro easily (or as easily as the Web Service allows at least).
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