Anti-Trust Guilty Album Download
Anti-Trust Guilty Album Download
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Anti-Trust is a side project by ex-Attitude Adjustment members Chris Kontos and Rick Strahl with a guest appearance of Andy 'Airborne' Andersen. This collaboration produced a handful of songs that were garage recorded in Oakland, California and Maui, Hawaii between 2001 and 2020. The music features old school hardcore and metal cross over, driven by catchy guitar driven rythms and catchy choruses with an overall edgy sound.

Guilty is a mix of old school hardcore with NWOBHM roots, kicked out in good old garage style. Garage recorded by ex-Attitude Adjustment members Rick Strahl and Chris Kontos this EP features crunchy rythms and catchy choruses with high intensity, in-your-face harmony driven punk rock that brings back memories of the mid-80's punk and cross over scene.


  1. No Privacy

  2. I am You

  3. Antisocial

  4. Day by Day

  5. Sick Inside

  6. No More Lies

  7. Lost

  8. Fear Factory

  9. Misery

  10. Guilty as Charged

  11. Realities of Violence

  12. Change

  13. Organized Crime (UK Subs)

  14. Protest the Possibility (Discharge)

  15. Ghost Rider

  16. Divide and Conquer

  17. Speculate, Speculate

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