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Markdown Monster 3.x
Buy $79.00
Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publishing tool for Windows. It supports syntax highlighted Markdown editing, live HTML Preview, inline-spellchecking, many image embedding and pasting options and gentle, optional toolbar support for embedding links, images and screen captures for a user friendly…
Markdown Monster 3.x Upgrade
Buy $39.00 $79.00
Upgrades a previous version of the Markdown Monster Editor to Version 3.0. A previous license for v2 or v1 is required.
West Wind Html Help Builder 5.0
Buy $299.00 $349.00
West Wind HTML Help Builder is a Web site and documentation generation tool that uses a structured interface to create documentation for your applications and components. Use it to build document, reference material, online manuals, Q&A resources and more. Help Builder lets you focus on easy content creation by separating the content and…
West Wind HTML Help Builder 5.0 Upgrade
Buy $199.00 $219.00
Upgrade to West Wind HTML Help Builder 3.x from any previous version.Customers who have purchased Help Builder Nov 1st, 2002 or later are eligible for a free upgrade. Contact Rick Strahl to request an upgrade. Make sure you provide order info with any upgrade (order number, or name/company).
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