Web Connection Training at Southwest Fox Sept. 21-22th, 2016

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This two-day event taught by Web Connection creator Rick Strahl, is held prior to the Southwest Fox conference in Gilbert, Arizona at the SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center and Legado Hotel.

This training covers an introduction to Web Connection 6.0 and its new features on the first day, covering general principles of Web Development using rich HTML and CSS features based on the new templates and styling provided by the new version. Day two then focuses on building client centric and mobile Web applications with Web Connection combining server side Web Connection Services with rich client code using AngularJs and Bootstrap CSS.

For the latest updated information, topics and schedule of the event please visit: the conference page.

Date:September 21-22, 2016 from 9am to 6pm
Where:Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix Area)
Hotel:SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center and Legado Hotel
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  • Before September 10th: $749
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Day 1

Day one covers a general introduction to Web Connection and the new features in Web Connection 6.0. See the New Project Wizard, the new project layout and Web configuration tools and how new projects are easier to maintain and work with, and publish to your servers. We'll walk through creating your first Web Connection application and build out a small Web Connection server side HTML application using MVC style development with the new Scripting Features in Web Connection 6.0. In addition to learning about Web Connection you'll also learn about using the new HTML5, CSS3 templates, using the Bootstrap CSS framework as well as managing your project using Source Control and Git.

Day 2

On day two we dive into building client centric applications using FoxPro as a REST service with an HTML based AJAX frontend. Using the new Angular2 framework, we cover how to construct flexible JavaScript based client applications that can communicate with the FoxPro server backend. We'll also focus on building a mobile friendly interface and using the same mobile Web interface to publish applications to App Stores using the hybrid Cordova technology. This session focuses on the JavaScript and mobile device aspects of Web development as well as building and managing a FoxPro based HTTP API Service using JSON to feed the client side with data.

This training is brand new and focuses on the new features in Web Connection 6.0, using familiar scripts and templates and MVC style development on the first day, and completely new development paradigm for building client centric apps using Angular 2 on the second day. The content is appropriate both for beginners and accomplished Web Connection developers as sessions are full with hands on tricks and tips, and open to interactive discussion. Format is class-room style, with trainer led demonstrations by Rick Strahl in an interactive atmosphere - you drive the content through your interaction and questions.

Day 1 is appropriate for all levels of developers, although a rudimentary understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is very helpful. Day 1 includes an introduction to CSS that is relevant to using the Bootstrap CSS Framework since it is central to the new enhanced features in Web Connection 6.

Day 2 is more advanced and delves more deeply into more advanced JavaScript topics that are required to use Angular Js. There will be an overview of the JavaScript features you need to understand in order to use Angular JS efficiently, but it's still recommended you get yourself familiarized with JavaScript and CSS in order to follow the examples fully.

The workshop runs all day for two days, and breakfast, lunch and snacks are covered throughout both days. The first day also features a bonus session favorite tools, and a a Show and Tell of Web Connection applications (shown by attendees if there's participation) and a demostration of a few West Wind Tools.

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