West Wind Web Connection 5.72

Our Price: $399.00

Build Web applications with Visual FoxPro the easy way. Take advantage of the new Web Connection 5.50 Web Control Framework that allows you to use a powerful control based framework for building rich Web applications easily.

Take advantage of a powerful, scalable, and most of all flexible framework for building small to large scale Web Applications that take full advantage of the Visual FoxPro language. Features include, flexible output creation with many different options including HTML scripting, PDF output as well as low level HTTP output options that allow to build any kind of custom HTML service solution.

Web Connection 5.50 introduces a new Web Control Framework that makes it possible to optionally use Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express to do visual design of your layout. Web Connection 5.50 can parse this code into pure FoxPro code that executes completely independently of .NET providing the rich development experience of ASP.NET coupled with pure Visual FoxPro code execution and a Visual FoxPro IDE development cycle.

Includes both Web Connection 5.50 and 4.0: When you purchase Web Connection you get access to both Web Connection 5.50 and 4.68. Version 4.x can be used with older versions of FoxPro, while Version 5.50 requires FoxPro 9 or 8.

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