West Wind Web Store 3.50 Sample Application

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The West Wind Web Store Sample Application is a great add-on for West Wind Web Connection for Visual FoxPro. With it you can learn how to build an e-Commerce application. Use it as a starting point for your own store or as a quick way to get a store like the one you're using right now online.

Note: Requires Web Connection 4.66 or later and a Microsoft Web Server to run

This application is intended as a sample application rather than a fully configurable Web Store. This example ships with full Visual FoxPro source code and includes all HTML templates, the store's business objects, and the Web Connection process class that handles the entire store logic driving those business objects. The package also comes with code for an offline order processing manager that handles credit card validations (requires one of the supported CC APIs -Authorize.NET, Verisigns PayFlow Pro, LinkPoint and PayPal - package includes classes that wrap these APIs. Online Credit Card Validation is also supported.

The store installs as a fully self-contained Web Connection project and comes with a Wizard that allows you to attach it to an existing Web Connection application using a modified New Project Wizard.

Also available: West Wind Web Store for .NET

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