West Wind Web Store .NET 2.60 Full Source

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West Wind Web Store .NET is a full featured e-Commerce application for ASP.Net available with full C# source code. This version includes full source code for the Web Store itself, the business objects, the business object framework, support controls and a host of framework and ASP.NET infrastructure support classes.

The Web Store provides a light-weight and very usable e-Commerce interface that is designed to be customized to your needs. The store provides the core commerce functionality for item display and management, shopping cart behavior, customer and profile management and of course credit card/payment processing. The store supports a number of Credit Card gateway providers out of the box including Authorize.NET, Verisign PayFlow, LinkPoint and a few others. PayPal classic is also supported directly so you can be up and running taking money from customers immediately.

Set up of the store is also a snap with a Wizard based interface that takes through creating the database, setting base configuration settings, and adding item categories and items. Getting a base store online can be done literally in minutes.

The store is easily customizable at the UI level with CSS and Master Page template themes, with several themes provided. The theme templates also allow for easy customization of the base layout. Further customization can then also be done on the ASP.NET pages for layout and logic operations.

The store is based on business objects on the backend that handle all data and business operations. The code is highly modular and easily extensible via hooks or via subclassing functionality. Many common tasks are easily pluggable. The business object framework consists of the Business object layer, data access layer and a set of control classes as well as a poweful databing extender component that provides easy two-databinding and binding error management in form interfaces. Additional support classes and tools abound and there's too much functinonality to list here.

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