West Wind Internet & Client Tools 8.0
West Wind Internet & Client Tools 8.0
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The West Wind Internet & Client Tools is a rich suite of utility classes that provide Internet functionality including SMTP Email, HTTP Web and FTP/FTPS/SFTP access, as well as many useful application level classes. Utility classes include providing access to SQL Server and Web Data, a light-weight distributed and Web centric Business Object framework, basic graphing for both desktop and Web applications, several configuration management classes, an Async messaging class, an ASP style scripting class using Fox code and fully documented and supported versions of wwXML and wwSOAP. The toolset is rounded out by a rich library of utility functions and tools useful in everyday Visual FoxPro development.

This tool provides most of the non-Server functionality of the West Wind Web Connection product line, and is an upgrade to the functionality of the West Wind Internet Protocols suite, the functionality of which is integrated into this package.

Here are some of the features:

  • Complete client HTTP support for retrieving any kind of content from the Web
  • SMTP Email message sending
  • POP3 Email message retrieval
  • FTP Client
  • TCP/IP Sockets both in client and server modes
  • Domain name resolution
  • Sql Server Data Access Library
  • Basic Business Object library
  • Fast and bullet-proof JSON Serialization
  • Call JSON REST Services with JSON Service Client
  • XML Serialization
  • Remote Web Data Service over HTTP (Fox and SQL Server)
  • Dotnet Bridge class that provides rich access to .NET Components
  • Configuration management class
  • Caching class
  • Code Update library for automatic code updates
  • PDF generation from FoxPro reports (may require 3rd party tool)
  • FoxPro Script Markup library (ASP like script processing)
  • Lots of Win32 API wrappers
  • Tons of general purpose utility functions
  • and much, much more...

Although rich in functionality most classes are modular and self contained allowing for small footprint in your applications.


Royalty free distribution license for compiled code and support binaries in distributed applications. One license per developer is required.

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