West Wind Internet Protocols 5.0

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West Wind Internet Protocols is a library of tools for Visual FoxPro developers that lets you access various common Internet Protcols through a FoxPro specific implementation. This item is an update for previous versions of wwIPStuff.

For even more application features check out West Wind Client Tools or West Wind Web Connection, both of which include all of the Internet Protocols functionality.

West Wind Internet Protocols (wwIPStuff) is a comprehensive class library that wraps the most important Internet Protocols into an easy to use class. wwIPStuff supports:

  • Complete client HTTP support for retrieving any kind of content from the Web
  • SMTP Email message sending
  • POP3 Email message retrieval
  • FTP Client
  • TCP/IP Sockets both in client and server modes
  • Domain name resolution
  • RAS Dialing.

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