West Wind Html Help Builder 5.0

$299.00 $349.00
West Wind HTML Help Builder is a Web site and documentation generation tool that uses a structured interface to create documentation for your applications and components. Use it to build document, reference material, online manuals, Q&A resources and more. Help Builder lets you focus on easy content creation by separating the content and formatting through mostly separate interface components - using a forms based input interface and HTML templates and style sheets for the general layout.

Markdown Monster 2.x Upgrade

$35.00 $39.00
Upgrades a previous version of the Markdown Monster Editor to Version 2.0. A previous license is required. > License upgrades are manually reviewed, so **there is a delay before you receive your license confirmation**. > >**[Free upgrades](https://markdownmonster.west-wind.com/purchase#upgrades)** (if verified) will see an **authorization** on their credit card or PayPal account, which **will not be charged and expire** in a few days. Please leave a note as an extra reminder if you are requesting a free upgrade.