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West Wind Html Help Builder 5.0

$299.00 $349.00
West Wind HTML Help Builder is an HTML Help creation tool using a structured interface to creating documentation for your applications and components. Help Builder focuses on easy content creation by separating the content and formatting through mostly separate interface components - using a forms based input interface and HTML templates and style sheets for the general layout. This tool is designed specifically to aid in creating developer...

West Wind HTML Help Builder 5.0 Upgrade

$199.00 $219.00
Upgrade to West Wind HTML Help Builder 3.x from any previous version. Customers who have purchased Help Builder Nov 1st, 2002 or later are eligible for a free upgrade. Contact Rick Strahl to request an upgrade. Make sure you provide order info with any upgrade (order number, or name/company).

West Wind Html Help Builder 5.0 Site License

$2,499.00 $2,999.00
This is a special version of West Wind HTML Help Builder that allows an unlimited number of developers/users to work with HTML Help Builder in a single organization. Ideal for companies with many developers creating help as well as companies that need to provide remote access to help file content creation. Single License Item